October 26-28, 2018

Spring Creek Park
15012 Brown Rd.
Tomball, TX 77375

8:00 am (check-in) to 7:15 pm (campfire)

Cuboree is a spook-o-ree and Tiger Day all rolled up into one event. Thrills and chills await Cub Scouts (1st - 5th grade) and their families. Scouts will work on advancements (required and elective adventures) and have fun, fun, fun! 

Events include activities such as the space derby, tent-to-tent trick or treating, physical fitness, pumpkin carving, water bottle rockets, ghostly campfire, archery, golf ball toss, rope making, push carts, and much, much, more! Families can camp with their pack the entire weekend. 

It's a spooky good time you won't want to miss!

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Early registration is $11.50 for the first Scout and $10 for each additional Scout who register by November 2, 2017, and includes a patch.  After 11/2/17, the registration fee is $15. Onsite registration is $20 (check payable to SHAC). Late and onsite registrants are not guaranteed a patch.

Registration opens in August

What to Bring

If camping, also bring:

Tent, sleeping bag, pillow, tarp/ground cloth for under tent, meals and mess kit (check with the pack leadership), insect repellent, flashlight with fresh batteries, rain gear, toiletries, appropriate clothes for weather, extra clothes, personal medication, campfire song or skit.

Optional: camp chair, cot or sleeping mattress, scout uniform, battery operated lantern, wet wipes, snacks (not to be stored or eaten in tents), glow sticks, football or soccer ball (to play in campsites during free time), pumpkin to carve, and treats for tent to tent trick or treating

Adherence to the BSA's health and safety policies found in the Guide to Safe Scouting and Youth Protection Guidelines are required. 

"At least one adult on a pack overnighter must have completed Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO) to properly understand the importance of program intent, youth protection policies, health and safety, site selection, age-appropriate activities, and sufficient adult participation." Find a BALOO training course near you. "At least one adult must complete Hazardous Weather training" which is available online." All registered adults must have completed BSA Youth Protection Training (YPT). At least one registered adult who has completed BSA Youth Protection training must be present at all events and activities. Youth Protection Training is valid for two years from the date completed." YPT is available online. The pack must submit a tour and activity plan if camping overnight. Youth cannot sleep in a tent with an adult other than their parent or guardian. No liquid fuel or lighter fluid is allowed per Sam Houston Area Council guidelines.


Spook-ree activities are held all day. There are optional evening pumpkin carving and campfire activities. Packs are encouraged to camp Friday (6 pm check-in) and Saturday nights with a Sunday morning departure of 10:00 am. A detailed schedule will be available in October.


Notice!  Please be advised that promotional videotaping/photography may be in progress at any time at an event. Your entrance constitutes your agreement that the council and district has the right to reproduce your likeness in videography/photography for promotion (e.g., publications, internet, newspaper).

Bear Scouts

The 3rd graders have a specific session called Bear Claws which includes working on the Whittling Chip. The Bears will need a parent to bring a small pocket knife for the Cub Scout to use.  The Bears, with adult supervision, are only allowed to use their pocket knife during the Bear Claw session.

  • Blade must be 3 1/2 inches long or less
  • A simple Cub Scout knife is recommended. It can have a locking blade, but is not required.  Locking blades are good, but depending on the knife, they might be a problem for small hands to close safely.
  • Fixed blade knives are not recommended because they can drop out of sheaths, or tilt and jab the wearer.
  • Military knives are not recommended because they can have a laser sharp edge.
  • Knives are not allowed at pack or den meetings, even after the Whittling Chip is obtained.
  • Knives are not allowed to be used at campouts unless there is adult supervision.

Scouting Safely

Safety is Your Responsibility posterThe BSA's Commitment to Safety is ongoing and we want you to know that the safety of our youth, volunteers, staff, and employees cannot be compromised. The Boy Scouts of America puts the utmost importance on the safe and healthy environments for its youth membership. The Sam Houston Area Council takes great strides to ensure the safety of its youth as well as the adult volunteer leadership that interacts with them. 

BSA Guide to Safe Scouting policies must be followed. All participants must follow Youth Protection Guidelines at all Scouting events. Highlights include:

  • Two-deep leadership on all outings required.  
  • One-on-one contact between adults and youth members is prohibited. 
  • The buddy system should be used at all times. 
  • Discipline must be constructive.

Health and safety must be integrated into everything we do, to the point that no injuries are acceptable beyond those that are readily treatable by Scout-rendered first aid. As an aid in the continuing effort to protect participants in a Scout activity, the BSA National Health and Safety Committee and the Council Services Division of the BSA National Council have developed the "Sweet Sixteen" of BSA safety procedures for physical activity. These 16 points, which embody good judgment and common sense, are applicable to all activities.

Youth Protection Guidelines     Guide to Safe Scouting      Sweet Sixteen      Enterprise Risk Management


For more information, contact the district event chair or activities chair.


Bear Creek Pioneer Park is located at 3535 War Memorial Drive, Houston, TX 77084.  Cub-o-ree and Tiger Day are held at the SW corner of S. Golbow and Liere Lane within Bear Creek Park.  Use the interactive map to zoom to that location within the park. From I-10, go north onto Highway 6, turn right onto Patterson Road, turn left onto Bear Creek Drive and then to South Golbow Drive and Liere Lane.

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