RSVP for Camp-o-ree


Scoutmaster / Crew Advisor

Youth Leader

(Youth leader for camp-o-ree (e.g., SPL or crew president of the camp-o-ree)

Camp-o-ree Unit Leader

List the adult leader in charge of the troop for the camp-o-ree, if it is not the Scoutmaster or Crew Advisor.

Estimated Registration Numbers

Please give us estimated attendance numbers so we can plan the camp-o-ree and assign campsites. The registration fee can be paid anytime online at up to and including on Friday night/Saturday morning at check-in based on exact numbers. 

There is an additional activity fee of $20 per participant. The activity fee covers unlimited archery, 10 shotgun shells, 10 rifle shots and the climbing tower


Every troop is expected to help at the camp-o-ree. 

Note in the comments if you have already volunteered to run a specific event. 

Provide a brief description of the competition event, demonstration and/or field games that your troop is willing to run.  Include a list of any items that the participants will need to bring (e.g., ropes for knots, or kindling for fire building). Please attach a draft score sheet. Note: several troops may be assigned to work together to run events.


After hitting the submit button below, please allow about one minute for processing.  A message will then pop up letting you know your information was submitted.